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Monday, September 22, 2008

OOW - Day 2 - Simple things

I spent most of the day in hands on classes. I learned to use the Configuration Management Pack of Grid Control to install patches. It looked really interesting. Now I have to go back to work and figure out how to install Grid Control so I can use it. I assume there will be a fair amount of kicking, screaming, and tearing out my hair in that little task which the Oracle demonstrator waved his hand at, as if to say, "It's nothing". Oh those little nothings.

I then went to a hands on on
Oracle Advanced Compression in 11g. The class really was just working through a couple of OBE examples with the comfort of people who actually know the a LOT about Oracle Compression there to help with the silly little problems that people have working through examples. I wish I had had some sort of deep questions to ask about compression. All I learned was, it works. There is some time, and some space savings. It will be useful when we move up to 11g.

When I say that the Advanced Compression was 'Hands On', I mean it literally. Braille would have been more accurate. For some reason, the whole demo was available in a box slightly larger than a youtube video. I get annoyed with myself when I have difficulties with the parts that I think should be the simple parts.. Here were a whole group of Oracle employee experts who couldn't make the VM window expand to the whole screen. There was more compression in the demo than anyone intended!


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