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Sunday, September 21, 2008

OOW - Day 1 - Blogger's perks.

OOW'08 - Day 1. I spent the day in the 11g New Features Exam Cram. A couple of people encouraged me to try the exam. I have never touched 11g. I took the course as an intro to 11g, not as a refresher before the exam. If I passed the certification after just this, then the OCP really is meaningless. I prefer to actually know what I'm being tested on when taking an exam.

I happened to be seated next to
, who apparently does work with Oracle 11g and is ready for the exam. I wish him all the best on the exam.

Fuad's conference badge had a large 'Blogger' written in bright orange on the case. I know that I signed up for one. I asked at the registration desk, and they gave me a 'Blogger' badge too. I lined up for the Keynote Address. Immediately, the ushers pushed me out of the main line and into a smaller line for press & bloggers. I was led to a special area of the auditiorium saved for bloggers - a long table set up so that we could record every golden world of Mary Matalin & James Carville. For Pete's sake! I think this 'Blogger' badge is going to have some strange side effects.

Then this evening I was able to get together with all of the other Oracle Bloggers who I have been following for a year. That was really special. What a nice bunch of people!


Tim... said...

It was good to meet up with you again.



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